Sour Grapes For Former New York Giants' Chris Canty

By Andrew Lecointe
Alan Maglaque — USA Today Sports

The New York Giants surprisingly released DT Chris Canty in the offseason, but Canty didn’t have any trouble landing with another team. Canty signed with the defending champions Baltimore Ravens shortly after being released, and it now appears Canty may be upset at being released.

Canty was asked which quarterback was better; Giants’ QB Eli Manning or Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco. Canty, without any hesitation, said Flacco was the better quarterback. In his explanation of why he chose Flacco over Manning, Canty said, “Joe Flacco has won a Super Bowl and because he’s one of the best deep throwers in the National Football League.”

One would have to chuckle at the assertion that being a great deep thrower makes him a good quarterback. For years, many people have wanted to label Flacco, in addition to Atlanta Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan, as elite-franchise quarterbacks. Flacco has led his team to the playoffs every year and has won a playoff game.

Does this actually mean he is elite? I’ll still say no, as this is the only postseason where Flacco has actually delivered. Combine this with the fact that Flacco didn’t have a good regular season at all; it would be very hard to say Flacco is elite. Flacco’s 2012 season resembles that of Manning’s 2007.

Manning didn’t have a good season, but was able to eliminate the turnovers late in the season and in the playoffs, en route to his first championship. At the time, no one was giving Manning credit for being an elite quarterback, despite winning the championship.

Hold off on the Flacco conversation. He has a whole lot to prove before he’s even in the top-seven to -eight quarterbacks conversation.

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