Atlanta Falcons Rumors: Richard Seymour Deal Only a Matter of Time?

By Andrew Fisher
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all heard the talk of Richard Seymour joining the Atlanta Falcons for the upcoming 2013 season, but as of yet, there’s no official deal on the table. The problem? Like most teams, the Falcons don’t have a ton of cap room ($1.8M). However, that all changes on June 1st. At that point, Tyson Clabo‘s contract will come off the books, increasing the Falcons’ cap space to $6.3 million.

Seymour is currently an unrestricted free agent after spending the last four seasons with the Oakland Raiders, and there are reports that he’s prepared to retire from football if the right situation doesn’t present itself. One thing is for sure if he wants to keep playing – he’ll have to take a big pay cut. He won’t be able to get $7.5 million per year from the Falcons, so we’ll have to see how low, is too low for Seymour.

In theory, this deal makes a lot of sense for both sides. Atlanta could stand to add another veteran piece to its defensive line, and Seymour would get another chance at a ring. He also has an adopted son who will be playing at the University of Georgia, where he played college ball as well. It just seems like there are several factors in play that could influence the veteran DT to sign with the Falcons.

If a deal can get worked out, it obviously puts Atlanta in much better position to win the NFC. I think we can all agree the Falcons are going to be a playoff team in 2013, it’s now just a matter of whether their offseason acquisitions will be enough to put them over the top.


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