Chad Johnson: May's Dumb Jock of the Month

By andRe Christos Helios
andRe Christos Helios-Rant Sports

I’ve never liked the guy; he’s arrogant and obnoxious. In any event, do know that my personal opinion of Chad Johnson has no influence on why he’s this month’s number one overall draft pick for Dumb Jock of the Month.

I’m not sure if Johnson has a job at this moment for him to even be considered a jock. What team does he play for again? He was released from the New England Patriots. The Miami Dolphins picked him up, then dropped him after he was arrested for a domestic violence dispute. If you can remember the incident dating back from 2012, Mr. Johnson headbutted his then-fiancee, Evelyn Lozada, for pressing him about his philandering ways after she found a receipt for purchased condoms.

What is it about these football players? Either they are on steroids or some high-caliber drugs, but their heads aren’t screwed on too tight, are they? Who headbutts a person over something like this? You have to either be emotionally disturbed or on drugs to headbutt a person for something of this magnitude.

He was dumb for headbutting that woman, but it wasn’t enough. His appetite for mundane things wasn’t satiated yet. After avoiding jail time and being sentenced to probation and a domestic violence class, Johnson failed to report to probation-not once, but twice.

How dumb can you be, Chad? Are you genuinely that much of a blockhead? Probation is relatively a walk-in-the-park and you screwed that up?! Needless to say, he was jailed for his stupidity and released on bond.

I’d expect something like this from a young adult, but this man is in his mid-30s. Dumb is the only word that I can think of. Congratulations, Chad, you’ve managed to make headlines and earn an award in the process-May’s Dumb Jock of the Month.

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