Congress Should Not Get Involved in Washington Redskins Name Debate

By Andrew Fisher
James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

I sincerely hope we’re not headed for another baseball-steroids situation with the Washington Redskins, but it seems that it’s now a possibility after 10 members of Congress have spoke out against the name ‘Redskins.’ This is of course on the heels of team owner Daniel Snyder‘s comments, that the Redskins will never change their name.

You get the feeling that if Snyder had just given a less emphatic response when asked if the team would change its name, that maybe this wouldn’t have come about. It’s not really a ‘don’t poke the bear’ situation, because Congress rarely has anything to do with sports. But every now and then, they decide to stick their noses into the world of athletics.

The main argument I’ve heard for changing the name, is that you wouldn’t go up to a Native American and call them a Redskin. Some have even started deeming it the R-word. I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable going up to someone of that descent and calling them a Redskin. At the same time, I don’t feel Washington intends it to be offensive in any way.

It’s really a tricky situation, and an issue that’s not going away. To me, Congress should have better things to do, and I wish they would stick to more pressing issues. The Redskins name is not ideal, but I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Eventually you’d think enough people will speak up against it, but as of now, there still seems to be a lot of support for the traditional name.


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