Former Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Titus Young Reportedly Refused Help From NFL Last Year

By Paul Seaver
Tim Fuller-USA Today Sports

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this off-season.

Young was arrested three times in a span of a week and a fourth arrest prior to first three was actually reported after the former wide-out was jailed on numerous charges. Young was even arrested twice in one day for two separate incidents and ever since his ongoing troubles met the public eye, it’s become openly apparent that Young needs help.

Well, according to a report from Yahoo! Sports, Young denied help from the NFL more than a year ago. The report claims that some people close to Young knew that he needed help in the past and they contacted the NFL to help, yet he refused.

Troy Vincent, the league’s director of player engagement told Yahoo! Sports that they attempted on multiple occasions to help the wide receiver, but they could not break through. Obviously, things have boiled over for Young recently and now he remains detained in an Orange County jail facing up to ten years in prison for 11 charges that range from burglary to assaulting a police officer, and he may even face prosecution for a DUI charge.

Young’s father recently told a few Detroit newspapers that his son suffers from mental health problems and desperately needs help.

This is just yet another turn in the sad story that has become, Titus Young.


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