Michael Vick Saying All the Right Things for the Philadelphia Eagles

By Joseph Hickman
Mike Vick Philadelphia Eagles
Howard Smith-USAToday

When I was growing up I was great at saying all the right things. “Mom, your hair looks awesome.” This of course was right after failing a test.”Pop, I need to go to the bathroom”. That always worked when I was supposed to help clean out the garage.

When it comes to Michael Vick, he has said all the right things this offseason. He said that he has worked on his ball carrying skills and that Chip Kelly has shown him a different way to carry the ball. Vick also said that he won’t get hit as much this year. Well, actually he said that he doesn’t have to take a hit. That should be interesting to watch.

How could I forget about when he beat LeSean McCoy in a foot race. Vick came out a few weeks later stating that he is the fastest quarterback in the NFL. That’s good that he thinks that way, considering that is what you want in a quarterback. Worrying about how fast he is.

Vick can talk all he wants, but he needs to produce. To be honest with you, I don’t think he can. He is 33 years-old and his game is not changing no matter what he says or how many people he beats in a foot race.

Maybe I am completely wrong, and maybe Vick can change. The San Francisco 49ers were very successful in running the “Read-Option” once Colin Kaepernick stepped in last season.

The difference between Kaepernick and Vick is that when Kaepernick (62% completion rate) was forced to throw the ball he showed that he could deliver it fast and accurately. This is something that Vick (56% career completion rate) has struggled with his entire career.  Did you ever see Vick throw a screen-pass? The dude just can’t do it.

You might ask why I would bring up the screen-pass? If you’re going to run the “Read-Option” you need to be able to throw one. By the way, every Philadelphia Eagles fan knows that McCoy is more quick than fast. There is a difference.

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