Rob Ryan's Philosophy Influenced By All-Time Greats

By Andrew Fisher
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The New Orleans Saints are hoping they’ve got the right guy in place to turn around their league-worst defense from a year ago. Rob Ryan is bringing his 3-4 scheme to town after getting the boot from Big-D, and he’ll also be looking for redemption in 2013.

While opinions vary on Ryan, most football fans agree that he’s good at what he does. If he can get the right group of guys to execute his game plan, he’s probably going to have success. I think he was unfairly fired from the Dallas Cowboys, and likely was just the odd man out. There were a lot of problems with the Cowboys last year, and Ryan wasn’t one of them.

But all of that is in the past now, and Ryan has started a new chapter in New Orleans. The transition to the 3-4 is well under way, and a big part of that is moving players into an upright position. There are more pass-rushers and defensive backs mixed in, and not nearly as many traditional defensive formations.

Ryan recently acknowledged that his goal is indeed to get as many pass-rushers on the field as possible. He also talked a little bit about his approach the game, and his influences within the business:

“I think better coaches than me… I’ve learned from some really great coaches. And their philosophy always was play the best players, put ’em in the best position to succeed. That’s what I’ve learned from the Buddy Ryans and Bill Belichicks and Rex Ryan. So I’ve been fortunate enough to be around good people, and that’s how I’ve established our philosophy.”

There’s no doubt Ryan has been around many great football minds in his career, and it’s also no surprise that he’s molded knowledge from these legends into his own game plan.

He’s joined a fairly healthy franchise that seems to be back on the rise, and it’s a franchise that will no doubt appreciate him more than his last.


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