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5 Wrong New York Jets Predictions from Rex Ryan

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5 Wrong New York Jets Predictions from Rex Ryan

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Five years ago the New York Jets hired highly touted Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan as head coach. There was definitely a sense that this man lived up to the legacy established by his father Buddy Ryan. Rex also displayed an interesting and dynamic personality.

Immediately, he would not back down to history by refusing to “kiss New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s rings”. Fans who were starving for their first Super Bowl win since 1969 quickly learned to love him. While the team enjoyed success Ryan’s personality was refreshing.

As New York stumbled, however, things changed. I have mentioned how the coach though owner Woody Johnson could have ended his time in New York. No change resulted directly, however, responsibilities have been delegated differently.

More authority of course has been given to others, especially new general manager John Idzik. Ryan on the other hand has been designated basically to handling defensive responsibly. Coming off of 2012’s miserable campaign pressure is on to perform.

This presents a stark contrast to three years ago where plans were underway for the Ticker-Tape Parade. Most experts agreed that Gang Green was on the verge of making these dreams come true. Upon replacing Eric Mangini Ryan undoubtedly had faith in his team.

In 2011, this head coach put on a different hat of published author. “Play Like You Mean It” documents his first two years on the job as well as other aspects of life. For the sake of discussion, the novel serves as a backdrop. Past interviews and press conferences also provided Ryan with the chance to make various decelerations.

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The Jets are no Longer Little Brother

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Sharing one stadium has always made things interesting for the New York Giants and their counterparts. Ryan quickly said that his Jets would alter a longstanding perceived supremacy shared by their cross-town rivals. A quote from page 187 states, ”We came to New York City to be the best team in the NFL, not just the best team in New York City. I have news for you, we are the better team.” This, of course, was written before the Giants defeated the Jets and later went on to win Super Bowl XLVII later that year. Receiver Victor Cruz had a coming-out party, while their opponents continued their collapse.

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Mark Sanchez will be a Great Player

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Support for quarterback Mark Sanchez has clearly been on display. Those who thought they knew entirely how deep their coach felt about Sanchez were mistaken. Chapter 11 of this book simply states, “Mark Sanchez” read more like a love letter. It discusses how New York found its franchise quarterback for 10 years.

After providing fans with erratic play over four seasons, it seems that Sanchez does not have much longer. Geno Smith will likely displace him soon.

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Other Player Expectations

Debbie Wang USA Today Sports-Aaron Maybin

Ryan had a pension for setting very positive outlooks for his players. Boasting over potential for linebacker Aaron Maybin as a pass rusher did not turn out as hoped. Plaxico Burress and Derrick Mason failed to live up to Ryan’s description of his 2011 offense that he called “scary”. Of course, one player also did not deliver on hype.

When Quarterback Tim Tebow was acquired from the Denver Broncos Ryan talked of innovative ways to get him involved. Now, he said that it was not a good situation after Tebow was released.

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Super Bowl Guarantees

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Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath should paten promises of a Jets Super Bowl victory. Yes they were close in 2009 and 2010, but did not finish their task. A dominant defense took them to consecutive AFC Championship Games those years while offense was inconsistent. Unless Sanchez drastically improves or Geno Smith is an immediate superstar I would not expect 2013 to be a year of celebration.

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His Own Tenure

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There were high expectations from this coach including for himself. Ryan says that his mission was to be with the Jets for a total of 16 years. 2013 will be the fifth season of the Rex Ryan era. Given current talent on the roster, this projection likely ends 11 seasons short.