Jason Garrett's 'Process' has the Dallas Cowboys on the Right Track

By Jesus Flores


When NFL free agency began, the Dallas Cowboys were in bad shape.

They had very little cap space, and it ultimately resulted in the Cowboys not signing any big-name free agents. It didn’t seem so then, but looking at it now; it may have been a blessing in disguise. Hear me out here because to me that means that Jerry Jones couldn’t hand out any lavish contracts or overpay for some – maybe – serviceable guy as in Eric Winston.

The fact that the Cowboys were strapped for cash meant that Jones wasn’t able to fill roster weaknesses with overpaid free agents.

However, I honestly think it has more to do with Jason Garrett trying to get this thing turned in the right direction because Jones can always find cap space if he truly wants it. As you know, I have praised Garrett before for his so called “process” and how it truly has affected this team in a positive manner.

Say what you want about Garrett, go ahead and compare him to any coach you want and say that he isn’t the guy the Cowboys need as the head coach. When you’re done ranting and crying about how Garrett sucks, just remember what he’s had to work with. Remember that Garrett is trying to clean up 17 years of Jones doing business one way.

You may not like the path that Garrett is on, but the truth is that Garrett gives the Cowboys a sense of direction. Garrett understands that you can’t build a team of free agents and expect to compete for championships. He understands, much like the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens staffs, that you replenish your talent through the draft and that you don’t overpay for serviceable talent.

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