New York Jets Will Still Stink Regardless of Who Wins QB Competition

By Jeric Griffin
geno smith NFL: New York Jets-OTA
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If they didn’t play near the Big Apple, no one would care about the New York Jets‘ quarterback competition, but since they are the center of attention among the New York-area media, the battle between Geno Smith and Mark Sanchez is being monitored under a figurative microscope. But here’s my thought on it: the Jets will still stink no matter who wins this cute little contest.

Had Sanchez been drafted by a different team, he likely would have developed into at least an average starting quarterback in the NFL, but he has absolutely been beaten to death both mentally and physically by the New York-area media and his dreadful organization.

The Jets proved they were all about publicity instead of winning when they traded for Tim Tebow a year ago because no one in their right mind really thought he was going to challenge Sanchez for the starting job. Even now with a new general manager in John Idzik, the Jets may be focused on winning, but they still don’t know how to evaluate talent because Smith is one of the most overrated prospects to enter the draft since JaMarcus Russell, and that’s saying something.

Go ahead and roll your eyes all you want, but if you really think Smith is a good quarterback, you’re just believing what you see and hear and you haven’t really watched any film on him. That “scathing” review he received from Pro Football Weekly was right on the money and although no one sees it now, Smith is going to bust like a piñata in the NFL and the Jets are going to be back at square one this time next year.

You see, an organization that chooses its head coach before its general manager clearly has issues, so the Jets are now rivaling the Dallas Cowboys as the NFL’s most clueless franchise. And if they hadn’t foolishly given Sanchez that hefty new contract last year, they could trade him and he would be heavily pursued by teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals and possibly even the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But no one wants a publicly downtrodden quarterback who is due $44.5 million over the next four seasons.

Trust me, Jets fans — I’m a woeful member of the Cowboys faithful, so I feel your pain. However, no one needs to get their hopes up on the Jets turning things around anytime soon because they still have their main problem in Rex Ryan and they added to it by wasting a draft pick on Smith. Don’t believe me? We’ll revisit this a year from today and see how much your tune has changed.

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