Seattle Seahawks Almost Took Russell Wilson in Second Round

By Andrew Fisher
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
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It’s always fun to look back at previous NFL drafts to see what was going on behind the scenes. As it turns out, the Seattle Seahawks had themselves quite the 2012 draft, as they stole quarterback Russell Wilson in the third round. While he had a successful college career at NC State and Wisconsin, many pro scouts still didn’t believe in him because of his height. But only because Wilson was ‘red flagged,’ did he fall all the way to the Seahawks in round three.

Now over a year later, head coach Pete Carroll has shed some light on the team’s thoughts on Wilson heading into last year’s draft.

“(GM) John (Schneider), he wanted to go in the second round with it. He was willing to do it and take him right there. We had had a plan to wait until the third round. But as the first round came and then the second, John was starting to get antsy because he just didn’t want to miss (out on Wilson).”

Carroll also added that Schneider became enamored with the QB, sometime around the MSU-Wisconsin game, early on in the 2011 season.

Now that we know the outcome of the draft, and the results that followed, one can say that the Seahawks were lucky to still get Wilson in the third round. At the same time, they essentially ended up with a ‘bonus’ player in round two with LB Bobby Wagner. Clearly, he’s not a franchise player like Wilson is, but they got their cake and ate it too during the 2012 draft.

I’m sure Seattle fans are just glad Schneider wasn’t contemplating taking Wilson in the fourth round…


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