Tom Coughlin Shouldn't Be That Upset With Hakeem Nicks

By Andrew Fisher
Tom Coughlin
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Coughlin is a coach that’s been around the NFL block a time or two during his 17 seasons. Couglin’s a guy that’s been up and down in the league, and probably dang near seen it all at this point. So why on Earth, is he so upset with one of his star receivers for missing voluntary OTAs?

Reportedly, it’s not just that Hakeem Nicks has been absent from voluntary workouts, it’s that he hasn’t notified anybody that he’d be gone. At this point, he’s basically MIA. But is it fair for Coughlin to be ticked off?

I don’t think it is. I get where the head coach is coming from, and that he’s more upset about a lack of communication than anything, but Nicks doesn’t have to let the team know. He probably should, because there’s nothing wrong with being open with your head coach, but it’s also not on the list of things he has to do. I figured his absence would just roll right off the back of Coughlin, because again, the guy has seen it all in the NFL. It’s just surprising that he talked about the situation the way he did, instead of electing to not make a big deal about it.

Talented/veteran players skip out on voluntary workouts all the time. To me, it’s just one of the benefits of being good and paying your dues. Nicks clearly has other priorities at this point in the offseason, and that’s okay. That’s why this round of OTAs are voluntary, and why a star player’s absence isn’t normally that big of a deal.


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