5 Potential Nicknames for EJ Manuel

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5 Possible Nicknames for EJ Manuel

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I know, I know; This list is extremely premature. EJ Manuel has yet to see a single snap during an actual NFL game, yet here we are, discussing possible nicknames for the big fella. Nevertheless, when the Buffalo Bills made EJ the first quarterback taken in the 2013 NFL draft, it came with the assumption that he would eventually be their franchise quarterback. And a franchise quarterback has to have a nickname, right?

There's Mr. Rodgers, Breesus, Big Ben, Tom Terrific, Red Rifle, Superman, and even the Amish Rifle. Before them came Broadway Joe, the Blonde Bomber, Joe Cool and Machine Gun Kelly. (Kudos to you if you didn't have to look any of those up.)

Some of these nicknames are just fun little puns on a player's name, others are founded in a unique aspect of a given QB's play-style, and some are even based on a player's physical attributes. There's no exact science to predicting what a quarterback's nickname will be, as most nicknames are the result of that player's performance on the field.

This list includes a few performance-contingent nicknames, to be sure, but also some that EJ could earn just by being a large, mobile dude named EJ Manuel. Nicknames are often synonymous with legacy, making it nearly impossible to predict what they'll be calling EJ by the time he retires. What's more certain is how one can expect Bills fans to react to varying degrees of success, and that plays as big of a role in predicting Manuel's future alter ego as anything else.

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Easy EJ

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EJ has all the physical tools to be a successful NFL quarterback which includes a rocket for an arm. Watching tape on Manuel from his college days, it's incredible how effortless he makes the deep throws look. This nickname could be an apt one if EJ not only finds success, but makes it look easy.

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The Savior

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Really all Manuel has to do to earn this one is get the Bills back to the playoffs. Such an accomplishment would be viewed as worship-worthy for most Bills fans, and would probably land EJ's tattooed face or jersey number on more Western New Yorker's biceps than anyone could ever want.

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Manuel Overdrive

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This one's probably my favorite. It's a great pun, but it's also very fitting considering Manuel's ability to carve up defenses with either his arm or his legs.

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E.J.P. Losman

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This is assuming the worst happens. If EJ fails to live up to his lofty expectations, the Bills hover around 7-9 for four more years, and EJ joins the long list of mediocre Bills quarterbacks in the 21st century, he'll earn this moniker.

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The Second Coming

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On the other hand, maybe EJ finally breaks the trend. Maybe he can get the Bills back to the playoffs, and then some. 'Win-starved' doesn't even begin to describe Buffalo's fan base, and if Manuel starts winning, comparisons to the great Jim Kelly will come sooner rather than later.

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