DeSean Jackson vs. Cary Williams: Can Former Foes Play Nice as Fellow Philadelphia Eagles?

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine launching a vicious hay-maker punch at a man following an intense scuffle, and then being asked to embrace that same man as a teammate and companion less than a year later.

Well, Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson is certainly in for a curiously awkward reunion with former Baltimore Ravens CB Cary Williams in 2013, as the feisty defensive back signed a three-year deal, worth up to $17 million, with the ‘other’ Birds this spring.

During Week 2 of last year’s 2012 NFL Season, Jackson and Williams exchanged a bevy of words before eventually exchanging blows in the second quarter of the Eagles-Ravens match-up. Both athletes were fined $10,000 for the altercation even though Jackson seemed more at fault, as he was caught on tape throwing an obvious punch at Williams’ head.

While heated in-game scuffs like this are typically swept under the rug and moved-on-from in the NFL, memories of these incidents certainly resonate with the athletes involved.

And if you’re thinking for some reason that becoming teammates will keep players from exchanging fisticuffs, then you are dead wrong. Carolina Panthers long-time WR Steve Smith made headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2008 after he broke teammate CB Ken Lucas’ nose with a punch to the face during practice. While Smith did apologize to Lucas soon after and also gave him the game-ball of his first touchdown catch of the season, this just goes to show that anybody can quickly lose their head when engaged in fierce competition.

We will have to wait and see if Jackson and Williams are able to put their recent rivalry behind them in 2013, as Williams has missed multiple OTAs for numerous reasons and Jackson has been battling injury.

But as long as these two hot-heads can keep their composure in practice, and save their ferociousness for game-day, the Eagles should be more than satisfied.


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