Is A.J. Green the Best Wide Receiver in AFC?

By Andrew Fisher
(Jason Bridge-USA Today Sports)

After only two short years in the NFL, A.J. Green has already established himself as a household name. He had a lot of hype after college, and subsequently went No. 4 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2011. Since then, he’s done nothing but live up the hype.

Over his first two years, Green has accumulated 2,407 receiving yards and 18 touchdowns. This includes 162 receptions, and breaking the 1k mark in both years. His numbers do a lot of the talking, but all you have to do is watch him one Sunday to know that he’s the real deal.

But where does Green stack up against the best wide receivers in the NFL?

To me, Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall are in another league right now. What they both did in 2012, was nothing short of remarkable. As far as some guys in the AFC – Demaryius Thomas, Andre Johnson, and Reggie Wayne all had tremendous seasons along with Green, but all three had more receiving yards.

Green is no doubt right there with the cream of the crop in the AFC, and it’s hard to say he’s not the best. If you’re looking over careers, Johnson and Wayne clearly have a proven track record to make their case. Thomas had a breakout year, once he hooked up with Peyton Manning, and looks to have a bright future.

Of all the top receivers in the AFC, though, Green is the one that you would want to build your team around right now. I think it’s too early to call him the best in the AFC, simply because he’s only been around for two years. Andre Johnson is still the best receiver in the conference, but Green is not far behind. We’ll see how both guys perform in 2013, and if Green sets more career-bests, it will be hard to not call him the best in the AFC.


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