Is a Player From a Rival Team a Fan of Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo?

By Ben Grimaldi
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

No team in the NFL garners more attention than the Dallas Cowboys, and few players in the league get a response like Tony Romo, so it’s not usually news when a player talks about him. However, you wouldn’t think a player from a rival team would complement a rival quarterback.

Yet that’s just what Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy did the other day while making an appearance on the NFL Network. McCoy was very complimentary of Romo and it could make a very rabid fan base in Philly upset with their star running back. Here is what McCoy had to say about Romo in response to possibly being on the NFL Top 100 players list.

“I like Romo, actually. I’m a fan of certain players. I might not like the team, but I’m a fan of certain players. I actually think Romo and Matt (Ryan) make it (over Flacco). But obviously Flacco has to be in there because of the Super Bowl. I would take Matt, and I would take Romo.”

It’s refreshing to hear a player on a rival team speak so highly of Tony Romo but there are also plenty of opinions that go the other way on Romo. He is truly one of the most polarizing players in the NFL to talk about and it’s just very surprising to hear a player from a hated rival talk in glowing terms about any player, especially Tony Romo. And for McCoy to say he believes Romo is a better player than the Super Bowl winning Joe Flacco might even more surprising.

Maybe the biggest thing we can take out of McCoy’s comments is that fans care more about the rivalries than the players because I doubt you’d hear the same talk out of many Eagles fans. Either way, it looks like Tony Romo has a fan in LeSean McCoy.

I’m guessing the hardcore Philadelphia Eagles fans don’t share the feeling.

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