Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Tackle Mike Adams Stabbed

By Scott DelleFave
Mike Adams
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

It’s being reported that Mike Adams, a second-year offensive tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers was stabbed early Saturday morning during an apparent robbery attempt. Adams should make a complete recovery in six to eight weeks, which would be about the first week of Training Camp for all of teams.

Adams was thought to become Max Starks‘ replacement at left tackle this year. However, this will hurt his chances right away. He was a second-round pick in the 2012 draft and played for the Ohio State University Buckeyes who played in 10 games last year, while starting in six. Also, the Steelers were already fairly paper thin at offensive line this setback won’t help the team in the short term.

Adams got lucky; the assailants didn’t hit any major organ when stabbed. However, he still needed surgery and is on the road to recovery according to him. The goons were going after Adams’ truck in front of his house. Additionally, he was held at gunpoint and in fact chased after the people that did this to him despite being stabbed. Adams had just left some friends a few minutes before and was alone. The Steelers are in close and direct contact with Adams and his family and likely will be until he is back on the field. One can only hope they catch these people and justice will be served. All and all, everyone that’s a football fan should share well wishes toward Mike Adams in making a speedy and complete recovery from this cowardly act.

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