Cancer Messes With Wrong Hall of Famer, Jim Kelly Ready To Fight Battle

By Devin O'Barr
Jim Kelly poses with Buffalo Bills new star E.J. Manuel
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

If you think that cancer of the jaw is going to stop  Jim Kelly from living his life to the fullest, you’ve obviously never watched the Hall of Fame quarterback in action on Sundays.

At 53-years-old, the Buffalo Bills great was told on Monday by his doctors that he had cancer in his jaw, but that the disease had not spread to other parts of his body. In addition, Kelly suffers from squamous cell carcinoma, which is a skin cancer that takes a toll on the body as well. Luckily, the early diagnosis has been key as Kelly has stated that his outlook was positive.

On a lighter note, this jaw cancer is nothing compared to the thousands of hits that Kelly took during his 11-year NFL career — keep in mind that Kelly played in an era where the quarterback was hardly protected by the officials. Also, the emotional impact of losing four Super Bowls has surely toughened Kelly into someone who deals with hardships better than most.

To avoid confusion, Kelly made this announcement prior to the start of the “Kelly For Kids” annual celebrity golf tournament — and organization that was set up by the Bills quarterback way back in 1987.

This battle is nothing foreign to Kelly, who has dealt with surgeries to address his back, neck and hernia problems. For those of you who are parents looking to keep your kids out of football, you may want to take a look at Kelly’s recent health issues, because no 53-year-old should have these kinds of issues.

For now, the football world hopes that Kelly can get back on his horse once again, as he was one of the greatest Bills to ever wear the blue and red.

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