Growing Pains Will Be Evident For Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick

By Devin O'Barr
Michael Vick chats with Chip Kelly
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It will take three or four years before Chip Kelly‘s collegiate expertise turns into success at the NFL level. Kelly has no idea yet what it’s like to deal with the egos and the strategy involved in the professional game, and his first test will be Michael Vick.

Philadelphia Eagles faithful who are expecting Vick and Kelly to be two peas in a pod should really take a step back and start thinking rationally. Quarterback and coach relationships rarely go without drama, so combining Vick with an inexperienced college coach is just asking for disaster.

It is barely June and the two are already semi-bickering about how fast the offense should be run, in practice for crying out loud! Just wait until Kelly is screaming into the headset and Vick is forced to call a timeout every Sunday — you ready for some more mediocrity Eagles fans?

If you think that tempers are going to cool in the hot summer months then you are mistaken because the convicted felon has already spouted off:

“It’s very annoying. But you know what? Right now I’m focusing on being the best person, the best quarterback on the field I can be.”

Once again, the calendar has not even turned to June for a week and the Eagles are already enjoying some trouble in paradise. As I said, it will take half a decade for Kelly to establish himself as a respectable NFL coach, so until that time the growing pains are going to be obvious in Philly.

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