San Francisco 49ers: Hiring of Eric Mangini Is Genius

By Lance Cartelli
Photo By Airtuna08

The San Francisco 49ers have hired former head coach Eric Mangini to be a Senior Offensive Consultant, according to multiple reports. Mangini, aka the “Mangenius”, is known for being a defensive coach, which made the move to add him to the coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball very interesting.

The move is a very smart one. The 49ers have always been a very creative and innovative team once head coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman were hired. From learning the “fly offense” from high school coaches to learning the pistol offense from Colin Kaepernick’s college coach Chris Ault, this is just the next step in keeping their offense steps ahead of the defense.

Mangini will be brought in to analyze the 49ers offense and see how the defense would attack it, and see where a defense may be vulnerable. In a copycat league, there is no doubt that this move will be emulated by the entire NFLbut the 49ers are ahead of the curve for this year.

The coaching move also makes sense for the future. Mangini was a great analyst for ESPN, but his passion is coaching. His last two coaching jobs have not worked out for who was once the hottest coach on the market. Now that he’s back with one of the best organizations in football, Mangini’s name will start popping up for head coaching and defensive coordinator positions.

One place that he could find a home is where he was just hired. The 49ers have a lot of coordinator and head coaching candidates that will almost assuredly start taking higher positions in the league. Mangini may be the heir apparent to 49ers’ defensive coordinator Vic Fangio.

The 49ers have brought the Pistol Offense into the NFL and teams have been going to college to look to stop it — what else will Mangini bring to the 49ers to help the offense stay steps ahead of defenses trying to stop Kaepernick and the Niners?

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