Why Mark Sanchez would be a good fit with Baltimore Ravens

By Dan Abeshouse
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, you read the headline right. Mark Sanchez would be a great fit with the Baltimore Ravens, but let me clarify before all of come after me with pitchforks.

Mark Sanchez would be a great fit in Baltimore as Joe Flacco’s  backup. I know Sanchez is still with the New York Jets and will be for this upcoming season, so I’m speaking in completely hypothetical terms here. I don’t have much faith in the current backups for the Ravens.

Tyrod Taylor is a fantastic athlete and a very dangerous runner with the football, but the dude can’t throw, and you can go back watch games from the past two preseasons if you don’t believe me. Caleb Hanie was just signed over the off season to perhaps be the no. 3 QB or possibly compete for the backup role, but he had a really rough time a few seasons ago when having to start in place of an injured Jay Cutler.

Sanchez doesn’t have the most dazzling stats, but he’s had playoff success in his first two seasons. Sure, the defense of those Jets teams were most instrumental in their success, but Sanchez made some plays when he had to. In the 2010 AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Jets fell behind 24-0 at the half. Sanchez started playing a lot better in the second half and got the Jets down to only 24-19.

The Steelers were able to convert a game-clinching first down to run the clock out, but as I was watching, I knew that if the Jets were able to get the ball back, then Sanchez would have had a legit shot to make a game-winning drive. It’s that type of confidence I wouldn’t have in the current Raven backup QBs if they had to win a game in the final minutes.

Sanchez has had a rough run in New York for the past couple of seasons in part because the front office there has has totally messed with his head. Nobody could have succeeded with the lack of offensive weapons and having to worry about Tim Tebow replacing them every week. In the right environment, Sanchez can be a very capable QB. I don’t think he’s a great QB per se, but he’s good enough to win a few games here and there.

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