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5 NFL Running Backs Who Will Have Breakout Seasons In 2013

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5 NFL Running Backs Who Will Have Breakout Seasons In 2013

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The big chance to start. It’s what every athlete dreams of doing at the professional level, and this coming NFL season there are going to be a plethora of newbies manning the backfields of their respective teams.

What makes a running back starter material though? Is it the power with which he runs or is it the field vision? Is it their versatility in the pass catching and pass blocking game or is it their ability to get the tough yards when no opening is obvious?

It’s the combo of all of these things that pushes the coaches to say “We’ve got to play this guy.” Coaches need to see that there is no benefit to taking the player off the field. When a running back works hard enough to show that there is no weakness in their game, that’s when they deserve to start. Arguably the most important thing for a running back to have is confidence, and a lot of times players who get left to backup roles start to lose some of theirs. These are the players who never fulfill their potential. You see this happen to a lot of potential stars, and it’s a shame because you can always see what might’ve been. But then there are some players who only get hungrier and work harder than ever to become the star they believe they can be.

Whether it’s an unheralded rookie coming out of college, a veteran of the game who’s finally getting their chance or a second year player looking to prove all of his doubters wrong, here are the five players about to have their breakout seasons.

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5. Lamar Miller (Miami Dolphins)

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Miller is going to, in all likelihood, win the backfield battle for the Miami Dolphins and for good reason. Miller is a powerful and compact back who isn't afraid of contact and knows how to navigate a football field. In limited touches in 2012, he was able to showcase some of the talent that made him such a star in college, and the Dolphins are hoping he can take on that type of persona once again at an NFL level.

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4. Le'Veon Bell (Pittsburgh Steelers)

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A big, powerful, yet light footed back who at times resembles a much smaller and quicker looking player on the field. Do you think that brings back good memories for Pittsburgh Steelers fans? I'm not saying Bell is going to be Jerome Bettis, but he is without a doubt going to be the best running back they've had since him. Bell is just too experienced and professional to be stopped at any level. His catching ability is already well beyond his years, and his frame alone will keep linebackers on their toes when he gets a head of steam through the hole.

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3. Jonathan Franklin (Green Bay Packers)

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The Green Bay Packers have been synonymous with offense for years now, but what they've been missing for a while is a competent running back to help out Aaron Rodgers. The Packers ended up taking two running backs in the draft this year, but despite Eddie Lacy's great potential, Jonathan Franklin is the guy who's going to light it up in 2013. Franklin is a rare combo of power and speed who is simply a game changer and fierce leader as well. Franklin's pass catching ability will help out Rodgers immensely under pressure and his tough running will get the Packers a few more easy first downs instead of having to rely on passing for everything.

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2. Chris Ivory (New York Jets)

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The New Orleans Saints are really going to kick themselves once they see what they let go in Chris Ivory. Ivory is one of the most powerful backs in the league and his determination on the field is simply a sight to behold. He runs with the anger of Adrian Peterson and has some pretty solid acceleration to boot. After the New York Jets have watched Shonn Greene be useless the last few years, Ivory's violent running style will surely be a welcome sight.

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1. David Wilson (New York Giants)


David Wilson started his 2012 season off as badly as you can by fumbling his way into Tom Coughlin's doghouse the first game of the season. This coming season though, he's been given the keys to the New York Giants, and if the speed and power he showed in his limited touches last year were any indication, he's ready for the challenge. Wilson has elite speed already and his ability to slip through the smallest of openings on the field gives him an elusiveness that's reminiscent of LeSean McCoy. It's been a while since the Giants have had to name a starting running back as Ahmad Bradshaw had been handling that role for the past three years. He's left for free agency now, and Wilson is going to get his time to shine.