Chicago Bears Have Nothing To Lose Trying Out JaMarcus Russell

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When you first read the headline that the Chicago Bears are actually going to bring in JaMarcus Russell for a workout, you have to wonder why? What could the Bears possibly want from the former No. 1 bust?

It appears that they have nothing more in mind for Russell than potentially making him the team’s No. 4 QB. With capable backups already in place behind Jay Cutler, fans shouldn’t read too much into Russell being brought in for a workout. He’ll be one of three quarterbacks visiting the Bears, and the chances of him making it to training camp, are not great. The odds of him making the Bears’ final roster, are even worse.

But if you’re the Bears, why not bring the former No. 1 pick? It’s a very low risk move, and at worst, they’ll just tell him to have a good day and that they’ll be in touch.

Reports are that Russell is finally back into playing shape, as he’s dropped 50 pounds over the last couple of months. In addition, he’s been working out with former players Jeff Garcia and Marshall Faulk, to try and hone his skills. You have to give Russell credit, because it looks like he finally wants to be an NFL player.

There’s nothing wrong with Chicago bringing him in for a look, because they’d sure feel dumb if Russell did somehow rebound and turn his career around. It’s a big time long-shot, but you just never know. Some might view it as sad that Russell is just trying to make a roster at this point in his career, but I’m just glad to to see him working hard to get back.


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