Clash Over Bill Callahan Calling Plays Shows Dysfunction of Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin
bill callahan dallas cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys made “headlines” on Tuesday when team owner Jerry Jones said offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will be calling the team’s offensive plays this year and that has been the plan this entire offseason. Indeed, Rant Sports reported this story in January, so the fact it’s “breaking news” here in June is ridiculous.

Callahan was named the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator before the 2012 NFL season, but he was not awarded play-calling duties. That changed after another horrendous year of play calls by head coach Jason Garrett and it was announced five months ago that Callahan would call the plays this year. Since then, Garrett has been adamant that a decision on the play-caller has not been made and that he will give up the duties if and when he chooses. Jones apparently forgot to tell him that or Garrett is oblivious to decisions made by his own team, which wouldn’t be that farfetched had Jones not stated this very thing word for word at the beginning of this calendar year.

But that’s not even the best part!

After Jones said again on Tuesday that Callahan will call the plays, Garrett still refuted that claim, and said the Cowboys “have a plan in place,” although he would not elaborate. He’s right, the Cowboys do have a plan in place and it doesn’t involve him as the offensive play-caller.

The fact that Garrett is either unaware of this decision or the fact that he’s fighting it is absolutely ridiculous. Both scenarios are laughable and right along the lines of what typically goes on at Valley Ranch, but seriously — it’s getting out of hand.

Garrett should not call the Cowboys’ plays this year because he’s terrible at it and Callahan having the title of Offensive Coordinator and not calling the plays is absurd. In addition, Jones recently took a shot at Jimmy Johnson, saying he doesn’t want a “walk-around coach” who doesn’t call plays, but now he apparently has just that.

This is the dysfunction of the Cowboys and the Dallas faithful have become accustomed to it, so is anyone really surprised?

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