Dysfunction is Nothing New For Dallas Cowboys and Owner Jerry Jones

By Ben Grimaldi


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By now you’ve all heard the “news” that Bill Callahan will be calling the plays for the Dallas Cowboys offense this season. This isn’t a shocking development since most people expected this to happen, but head coach Jason Garrett tried withhold their plan; until today.

Today Jerry Jones let the cat out of the bag but the shocking part of today wasn’t the announcement, it was the reaction to Jones making it, and not Jason Garrett. Seriously.

Fans and writers all over the map starting jumping on Jones for taking away Garrett’s authority and attacking Jones for making sure he’s set himself up to take the credit if the Cowboys win this season. As if credit means anything to Cowboys fans, who only want the Cowboys to win a Super Bowl, or to players who won’t pay attention to something so ridiculous.

Of course upon hearing about the news that Jones “leaked” and having it confirmed by Callahan, Garrett told everyone the Cowboys had a plan, but he wouldn’t confirm that Callahan would indeed call the plays on offense. It appears as though the lines of communications were crossed up somewhere.

I have one question for those of you who are still shocked over the dysfunction inside the Cowboys organization and it can be asked in one word; why?

Why is anyone still shocked that Jerry Jones is going to do what he wants?

Why is anyone still shocked that Jerry Jones is going to say what he wants, when he wants to say it?

Why is anyone still surprised that Jones brings confusion and dysfunction with him at every turn?

After all, the Cowboys have been dysfunctional since day one of the Jerry Jones era. Is there another team whose owner is also the general manager?

Anyone who’s followed the Cowboys for a long time knows this is what you get with Jones. The most shocking thing about today is that people still seem to be surprised by Jones and the way he goes about his business. This is an owner who hired an offensive coordinator, Garrett, before he hired a head coach. It’s an owner who rarely thinks before he speaks; does anyone remember the glory hole comment from last year? Or perhaps you’ll remember he famously said that he could get one of 500 coaches to win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys. He’s now on 18 years and counting.

He’s also a notorious flip-flopper who said he didn’t want a walk around coach; well guess what he’s got now! He’s always been an owner who just can’t seem to help himself; he needs to be in the spotlight. There’s a reason he bought the Dallas Cowboys.

Everyone knows all of these things about Jerry Jones, yet we’re still surprised by his actions?

Well not me, you’re not going to get me to believe this is a big deal because it isn’t. I’ve followed the Cowboys for a long time and nothing Jones does can shock me anymore. Besides, before you know it Jones will do something just as dumb to make us forget this ever happened.

And don’t feel bad for Jason Garrett; he knew what he was getting himself into when he took the Cowboys job.  He played for the Cowboys for seven years and he’s now coached under Jones for seven years, so it’s not like he came into the situation blind. He’s also smart enough to play right back at Jones. Jones announces Callahan as the play caller, seemingly taking away Garrett’s power, and along comes Garrett a short time later to dig in against Jones and say nothing’s been decided. Well played, even if we can see right through it.

The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter who calls the plays if the team doesn’t execute them better than they did last year. That’s the beauty of the game; it mostly comes down to the players. Players who could care less about who made any announcement while they were working.

So go on and be shocked by what happened today with the Dallas Cowboys, join the crowd. However, the reality is the dysfunction train left the station a long time ago in Dallas. And Jerry Jones is still the conductor.

Imagine all this shock is because of an announcement over who will call plays! Give me a freaking break.

Ben is a Cowboys writer for Rantsports.com and you can chat with or follow him on twitter @BenGrimaldi, or you can add him on Google+

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