Johnny Jolly To Attempt Comeback; Returns to Green Bay Packers

By Andrew Fisher
Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Comebacks are great stories for fans to follow in sports. They happen for various reasons, but usually the player seems to have the deck stacked against them upon their return. The case of Green Bay Packers‘ defensive lineman Johnny Jolly, will be no different.

After a three-year hiatus from football, following a suspension from the league, Jolly made his return to the practice field on Tuesday. He’s now 30-years old, with a big uphill battle in front of him. Packers’ head coach Mike McCarthy recently acknowledged that very thing in an interview:

“I think our society is built on second chances. Think how many times you look through the history of successful individuals that probably or maybe wouldn’t have happened without a second chance. Every case is different. There’s no absolute right way and wrong way when you evaluate every situation. I’m glad to see Johnny Jolly going through the process that he’s going through. (I’m) very proud of where he is to this point. But he still has a lot in front of him.”

McCarthy’s comments are spot on. Everybody deserves a second chance, and Jolly has earned his. It’s a minor risk for Green Bay, and at 30-years old, if he’s still not mature enough to handle being a professional athlete, then he shouldn’t get to be one any longer. That’s of course assuming that he makes the final 53-man roster, which seems like a long-shot at this point.

Still, Jolly was a very good lineman during the 08 and 09 seasons, proving to be a reliable run-stopper. It will be very interesting to watch him over the next couple of months, and to see if he can make it back to playing on Sundays. Even if he doesn’t get there, it’s still good to see him get his life back on track.


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