Oakland Raiders: A Bad Year To Be Good

By Jeremy Hayes
Charles Woodson
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

For the bad NFL teams this upcoming season, it is a bad year to be good, especially for the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders had the third overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft, which was one of the weakest prospect classes in recent memory, and it showed as the Raiders traded back to the 12th selection to draft corner back D.J. Hayden.

The Raiders have a whole new look this year, with new additions like corner back Charles Woodson, quarterback Matt Flynn, linebacker Kevin Burnett, wide receiver and athletic freak Josh Cribbs, as well as many other small but vital signings.

No one expects the Raiders to be good, but they have a chance to be a lot better than last year, and maybe even be a potential .500 team … and they picked a bad year to do so.

The 2014 Draft will have plenty of depth in the first round, but also have a loaded top-10. It would be the worst luck for the Raiders if they start playing well, because fans of the draft are already predicting that the Raiders will be the worst team and select defensive end Jadevon Clowney. It is a shame that that might not happen for the Raiders, assuming they post a better record than last season.

The year the Indianapolis Colts let Peyton Manning go, they drafted Andrew Luck, who was the graded higher than any quarterback prospect since John Elway.

All that Raider Nation can say is: “oh well.”

If you are a fan, you want your team to win no matter what. If this team that the Raiders have put together can produce wins, great, but if not, they have the chance to get an amazing prospect in 2014.

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