Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson Running with Second Team?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

News came out today from the mouth of DeSean Jackson himself that in early portions of practice at Philadelphia Eagles headquarters, Jackson was running with the 2s and even 3s in Chip Kelly‘s uptempo offense.

A major reason for this is Jackson had to learn an entirely new offense on the fly learning each different receiver position including the slot, whereas in Andy Reid‘s west coast offensive scheme he was only required to know his position and his routes. Apparently Kelly didn’t think Jackson was grasping his offense at the pace and speed he wanted so he sent the star receiver an early message by having him run with the 2s and 3s.

While this may be a case of much ado about nothing, it goes to show that Coach Kelly will not allow his players to have a sense of entitlement and is playing no favorites even for the established veteran players on this Eagles football team. Kelly wants things done a specific way, and even if you are one of the faces of the franchise, if you aren’t adhering to his philosophies and ways of doing things, you are going to hear about it and the next man up will be afforded those precious snaps. Kelly let DeSean know these same things in a face to face, one on one meeting in which Jackon sought out a sign of maturity for a man who earlier in his career may have pouted about being demoted to the second team.

Kelly is sending a clear message to veteran and young players alike. If things aren’t done his way you can either adapt and buy into his scheme or hit the bricks. Gone will be the days where players got away with bad habits both in games and practice that glaringly showed up on Sundays. Kelly has a specific plan in mind that will improve this football team, and it takes all 53 players working in unison to achieve the goals they set for themselves before the season starts in winning a Lombardi Trophy. This is Kelly’s world; we are all just living in it.

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