Drew Rosenhaus Files Grievance Against Philadelphia Eagles' Desean Jackson for Unpaid Loans

By Jack Jorgensen
Mark J. Rebilas- USA TODAY Sports

Without question, a dream job for any sports fan has to be that of a highly accredited sports agent. Not only do you get to spend your days surrounded by the activities you love most in life, but you get paid to do it — and heftily. To get that generous pay, agents normally take a percentage of their client’s contract. It’s simple, the agent takes money from the player. This is how power-agent Drew Rosenhaus has made his living, as well as garnered his notoriety, whether that be negative or positive.

But, what happens when the process does a 180-degree turn-around? What if a professional athlete were to take money from an agent? And, to take things a step further, what if they were to never pay that loan back, like that time you had your buddy “spot” you money for that order of the wings you had at the bar, with no intentions of honoring that gift?

According to Yahoo! Sports, Rosenhaus is about to show us.

The NFL agent has filed a grievance against one of his former clients, Philadelphia Eagles WR Desean Jackson. Rosenhaus is alleging that Jackson took over $400,000 in loans from him from 2009-2012. The grievance has been filed with the NFLPA, and Jackson has not been able to be reached for comment.

If there is any one aspect about this situation at all, it’s timing. This filing comes off the heels of Jackson recently canning Rosenhaus as his agent last month. So, you immediately have to ask yourself whether or not this is a spiteful move by the long-time NFL agent. Maybe he did give Jackson that cash, however at the time, may have said, “Don’t worry about it!” But now that he feels slighted, especially considering the rumors of the WR possibly joining Jay-Z’s new upstart Roc Nation agency, Rosenhaus may be looking to financially recuperate his broken pride.


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