John Harbaugh Entering Uncertain New Chapter of Coaching Career

By Andrew Fisher
Brett Davis-USA Today Sports

I think most football fans can agree that John Harbaugh is a good football coach. When you win the Super Bowl, you kind of get the benefit of the doubt in that department. It’s safe to say that coaching is in Harbaugh’s blood, and that the gig probably comes natural to him.

His brother gets more headlines than he does, but that’s mainly because of his immature antics. John beat Jim in the Super Bowl, so there’s really not much debate about who the better coach is, right now. But legacies are not defined by one game, or one season. Legacies are defined by bodies of work.

Harbaugh’s body of work so far, is very good. Over his first five seasons as a head coach he’s accumulated a 54-26 record (.675). But I’m curious to see how he does from here on out. Things have changed in a pretty big way with the Baltimore Ravens. Numerous players from last year’s Super Bowl team are gone, including future hall-of-famers Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

The departure of the two key veteran defenders will have huge impact on the field in 2013. At the same time, you’d have to figure it will impact Harbaugh quite a bit as well. Lewis and Reed were the epitome of what veteran leaders should be. They were the heart and soul of the defense for years and years, well before Harbaugh even got to town. Point being, the head coach is going to have to take his leadership skills to the next level.

I think he’ll be up to the challenge, but it won’t be easy making up for leaders the caliber of Reed and Lewis. It’s a new era in Baltimore, and Harbaugh has an opportunity to show everyone just how good of a coach he really is going forward.


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