Michael Vick Seems Nervous About Losing Starting Job With Philadelphia Eagles

By Dan Parzych


(Howard Smith/USA Today Sports)

One of the most interesting quarterback battles heading into the 2013 season involves the Philadelphia Eagles as Michael Vick will compete with Nick Foles, Matt Barkley, and even Dennis Dixon for the starting job next year. At the moment, Vick seems like the team’s best option considering Chip Kelly‘s offense seems to work best with a running quarterback, but at this point in the offseason–it seems like even Vick isn’t sure what to expect once the regular season rolls around.

As bad as it sounds, if there were any other head coach other than Kelly on board for the 2013 season, there’s a good chance Vick wouldn’t even be on the Eagles’ roster. In fact, the argument can be made the only reason Vick is even around is because they want to give him one final shot to see if he fits in Kelly’s offense–which is completely understandable.

There was a reason why the Eagles wanted to restructure Vick’s contract and if he doesn’t come up big in 2013–it wouldn’t be a surprise if this ended up being his last shot at a starting gig in the NFL. Vick’s been on the decline over the last couple of years and it’s clear he’s on longer the effective running quarterback from a few years ago and it’s no surprise to see him unsure about whether or not he’ll be named the starter.

Philadelphia has been patient enough over the years with Vick, so if he struggles to perform well and stay healthy once again next season–don’t be surprised if the organization decides to move on from the veteran quarterback.

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