Oakland Raiders Need Menelik Watson to Win Starting Job

By Jorge Contreras
Menelik Watson
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


When Reggie McKenzie passed on a defensive lineman with the second-round pick, many pundits were surprised but Florida State offensive tackle Menelik Watson does help improve the Oakland Raiders porous offensive line. Watson is an all-world athlete who has competed in Soccer, Basketball, and Boxing before picking up Football a few years ago. The Raiders right tackle play has been atrocious for the last decade so it wouldn’t be a total shock if Watson wins the job outright this season.

Listen up Raider Nation Reggie McKenzie does have a little Al Davis in him with this pick. Watson is the type of raw athlete that Al Davis loved and if he were still around I wouldn’t be surprised if he would have taken Watson himself. Many analysts believe that Watson is probably the most physically gifted offensive tackle in this year’s draft. Watson projects as right tackle now but he might be able to transition to left tackle in the future. In an ideal situation Watson would sit and learn for a year but Khalif Barnes has been so bad over the last few seasons, Watson might be starting on week 1.

Picking up offensive line coach Tony Sparano in the offseason was a blessing for the Raiders because he can teach Watson the techniques of being a solid offensive tackle. If Watson were to reach his potential the Raiders offense would have 2 athletic tackles to protect whoever the Raiders quarterback will be over the next decade.

Watson would be the perfect counter-balance to the athletic pass rusher in the AFC west. New quarterback Matt Flynn will need some time to find his speedy wide receivers down the field, which means he would need two strong offensive tackles. If Watson can win the job outright this year it would go a long way in improving the porous offensive tackle play of Barnes.

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