Trent Richardson Denies Reports That He'll Be Held Out Until August

By Andrew Fisher
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson keeps insisting that he’s not injury-prone. He had to raise his voice a bit on Wednesday, though, when he disputed a report that he’s suffering from a stress fracture in his leg, among other ailments.

“I still expect to be out there day one (for camp). People are saying that I’ve got another injury, and it’s farther than what people are saying it is. And no, it’s not. Coach Chudzinski has me out for precautionary reasons. It’s nothing that big to worry about. As I said before, and he said two weeks ago that I might miss the three-day camp and he held me out right now. so, there’s only certain stuff that you can control and I agree with everything coach is doing,” said Richardson.

The Browns’ running back went on to discredit all the rumors that have been flying around about his health, and basically just said that reporters have blown everything out of proportion.

Whether the latest report is completely accurate or not, it still seems that something is going on with Richardson. He might fully expect to be out there ready to go for training camp, but what are the chances that Cleveland just throws caution to the wind? They can’t afford to take any chances with their second-year star, and missing camp really isn’t that big of deal in the scheme of things.

While I tend to disagree with Richardson, because I do think he’s injury-prone, I applaud the fact that he’s standing tall and trying to remove that stigma from his name.

The Browns have to play this smart, and realize there’s absolutely no reason to rush Richardson back to the practice field, even if his ‘injury’ is very minor.


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