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10 Interesting Facts About Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

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10 Interesting Facts About Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has had a very interesting ride to the NFL. His collegiate and professional football career is filled with plenty of bumps in the road, which has molded him into the man he is today. Without these trials, there is a good chance he would not be at the top of the football world as the greatest quarterback in the NFL today.

Everyone knows that Rodgers fell to the 24th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft. At the time, it was very embarrassing for Rodgers, something that he was not sure he could overcome. However, it was most certainly a blessing in disguise. There is no question beginning his professional career on that sour note gave him the extra edge to go above and beyond in the years after.

It is no secret that Rodgers had the privilege of sitting behind the legendary Brett Favre for several seasons. He learned how to handle himself under pressure, as well as, how to command respect from teammates. Unfortunately, their relationship would be strained after Favre decided he wanted to come back from retirement and start for the Packers during the 2008 season. Thankfully, Green Bay’s brass stuck to their guns and started Rodgers, which turned out well for everyone involved in the Packers organization.

There is no doubt Rodgers is blessed to have the Packers, while the fans are lucky to have such a great person be involved in their community. The following slides are 10 interesting facts regarding Rodgers’ personal life, collegiate playing career and accomplishments in the NFL.

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Self-Taught Guitarist

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Rodgers is a self-taught guitarist who wanted to play music just like his favorite musicians. He jams with a few teammates and even plays in bars in Green Bay every now and then. He is a big fan of Ben Harper, Keith Urban and Jack Johnson. Rodgers even started his own record label to help bands and musicians trying to make it big.

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Favorite Book is the Bible

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Rodgers has stated that his favorite book is the Bible. He will make an attempt to read it every night after he is done studying film.

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There is no question Rodgers is most famously known for his touchdown celebration, outside of actually playing football. However, what people outside of Green Bay might not realize is that he is also a legitimate photobomber. Rodgers photobombs every captain photo prior to every game. It is something that he started a long time ago that has evolved into a gag teammates expect from him.

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Began Collegiate Career at a Community College

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Rodgers began his collegiate career at Butte Community College in Oroville, Calif. No Division I school gave him a football scholarship, with the exception of the Illinois Fighting Illini who gave him an opportunity to walk-on. He dominated in his only season at Butte in which he tossed 28 touchdown passes and led the team to a conference championship. The only reason Rodgers was recruited by California Golden BearsJeff Tedford is because the head coach was at the community college to scout a tight end.

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Upset No. 3 Ranked USC Trojans

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In Rodgers’ second career start at Cal (seventh game of the season), he led the Golden Bears to a victory over the No. 3 ranked USC Trojans. Rodgers gave Cal a 21-7 halftime lead, but he was taken out of the game prior to the second half due to an injury. However, his performance was enough to inspire the team to win 34-31 in triple overtime. The Trojans finished the year No. 1 in the national rankings, with their defeat at the hands of the Golden Bears being their only loss of the season.

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Touchdowns Passes During 2010 Season

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Of the 28 touchdown passes Rodgers tossed during the 2010 season, all of them but one gave the Packers the lead or extended a lead over the team’s opponent. The only touchdown that Rodgers threw that did not give Green Bay a lead is one that tied the game, which occurred with 56 seconds left in the contest against the Atlanta Falcons.

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Tough Overtime Games

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Rodgers has never won an overtime game in the NFL. He is currently 0-4 in regular season and 0-1 in playoff overtime games. There is no question the most painful loss of the five occurred against the Arizona Cardinals in the 2009 NFC Wild Card game. Rodgers led an epic comeback in which he passed for 423 yards (most passing yards for a quarterback playing his first postseason game), four touchdowns and a 121.3 passer rating. Unfortunately, Rodgers fumbled the ball in overtime, which was returned for a touchdown. It was the highest scoring postseason contest of all time as the Cardinals defeated the Packers 51-45.

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Greg Jennings Holds Special Bond

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Former Green Bay wide receiver Greg Jennings holds a special bond with Rodgers. He caught the first regular season and playoff touchdown pass the quarterback ever threw. Unfortunately, Jennings will not be able to haul in any of Rodgers’ record-breaking touchdown passes as he did with Favre considering he now plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

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Consecutive Games Without Interception

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Rodgers did not throw an interception in the first three games of his NFL career. In fact, he did not toss an interception until his fourth game of the 2008 season, courtesy of Derrick Brooks. His 157 consecutive pass attempts without a turnover was the third longest streak in Packers franchise history.

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NFL Passing Yards Record

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Rodgers is the first player in NFL history to record two consecutive seasons with at least 4,000 passing yards in his first two years as a starter. Along with that, he also holds countless other NFL and franchise records. He has the highest quarterback passer rating (122.5) in a single season, and he is the only player to toss 46 or more touchdowns and six or fewer interceptions in NFL history. Rodgers also has the highest career regular season passer rating (104.9) and career completion percentage (65.7 percent) in league history.