Building Seattle Seahawks’ Most Current Mount Rushmore

By Thomas Emerick
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It would be purely trolling to tell Washington Redskins or Indianapolis Colts fans: “Hey, you didn’t have to use that No. 1 overall or trade a bunch of draft picks for your franchise quarterback; could have just drafted a quarterback in the third round like us!” But Seattle Seahawks fans can indeed do that, which makes their younger-looking Rushmore among the league’s scariest.

I know everyone and their grandparents is building their own Mt. Rushmore-type quartet for every franchise in sports this offseason, but I’m going to a pull twist on it I haven’t seen yet: only accomplishments over the past couple years will apply, in the effort create the most relevant set of four mountain-side faces as possible. So I’m crafting the Seahawks’ Mt. Rushmore to beat all Seahawks Mt. Rushmores: Whose face makes it in stone?

Russell Wilson: Still hard to wrap one’s head around him being drafted in the third round, especially after the way he grew hotter each week down the stretch (and each quarter during the postseason).

Marshawn Lynch: Next to Adrian Peterson — coincidentally chosen in the same draft — Lynch has emerged from All Day’s shadow to become the next-best bruising back in the league.

Richard Sherman: Speaking of emerging from shadows, Darrelle Revis actually has some competition for best cornerback in the league; and none of this hilarious Nnamdi Asomugha business.

Pete Carroll: The mark of a Carroll team is all over. Ferocious and deep defense? Check. Physical offensive line and stacked backfield? Check. Heated rivalry with a Jim Harbaugh-coached team from NorCal? Check.

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