Eric Mangini One Step Closer To Coaching

By Stephen Conway
Kelley L Cox-USA Today Sports

Eric Mangini is back to coaching, but this time with a team that is miles ahead of the New York Jets. Mangini signed on to be the senior offensive consultant for the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers, with a Super Bowl appearance this past season, are the clear front runners for this upcoming season with several key additions to the team this offseason.

Mangini has always been a great football mind, defensive in particular, but his defensive-minded coaching knowledge will only aid to his assistance on the offense. Mangini also has always been a good talent evaluator, so he will help in the progression of rookies and younger players. General manager Trent Baalke of the 49ers was a scout for the Jets coincidentally in the late 1990s when Mangini was a low-level assistant for the team.

This is a good decision for Mangini. He gets to go back to what he loves to do and what he is good at. Also, going to an organization like the 49ers will only help his reputation around the league, ultimately possibly helping him land another head coaching job. If Mangini strikes out, he’s always been a guy that has struck the public’s eye as a good general manager. As mentioned earlier, he is a great talent evaluator, as evidenced through his few years as head coach of the Jets, picking up players like Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold.

All in all, good for Mangini. This is exactly what he needed to get away from his little broadcasting stint, that to be quite truthful, was not a good fit for him.

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