Robert Griffin III's Eagerness Could Doom Washington Redskins Organization

By Devin O'Barr
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s uncanny to think that in just over a year Robert Griffin III has embraced the role of being the face of the Washington Redskins‘ franchise so well. However, the Redskins truly have nothing else going for them, meaning their sophomore quarterback is shouldering an ever bigger load in 2013 than he did last season.

A torn ACL makes the spotlight that is currently shinning on Griffin III even brighter, so he must be careful to not take the wrong steps. It’s great to see the ex-Baylor Bears QB so hyped to get back on the field, but his eagerness could easily result in a short-lived career. For example, Griffin was asked on Thursday whether or not he feels that coming back on July 25 is realistic or not, and Griffin’s response of “without a doubt” seems rather counter-intuitive and dangerously quick.

Redskins’ officials need to keep this young thoroughbred in the stable before he ruins his NFL career. Honestly, what does Griffin have to gain by taking snaps in late July?

Washington desperately needs this guy if it hopes to make any noise in the NFC East. Health is the main concern here, but don’t underestimate the invincible feeling that Griffin III would feel after coming back to action so soon. Initially, the hope was that this humbling injury would teach him to be more poised when carrying the football both in and out of the pocket.

Instead, the eager playmaker is taking the opposite approach and is trying to prove all of his doubters wrong with an earlier-than-expected return. Griffin III’s healthy knee is what everyone will be talking about this preseason, yet his makeup between the ears is what concerns me most.

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