Anthony Spencer Is In No Position to Demand Anything From The Dallas Cowboys

By Jesus Flores


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


The Dallas Cowboys have hit a “downturn” in contract negotiations with franchise-tagged outside linebacker-turned-defensive end Anthony Spencer.

According to Mike Fisher, of Fox Sports Southwest, the problem is that the Cowboys believe that the market value of players similar to Spencer is down to the $5-million-a-year range, but Spencer’s camp isn’t trying to hear it. Spencer’s camp wants the Cowboys to take into consideration the five-year, $66 million deal that the Green Bay Packers gave Clay Matthews or, at least consider the $8-million-a-year deal that the Cleveland Browns handed Paul Kruger and come up with a number that both parties can work with.

The Cowboys did a good job of getting themselves under the cap and creating cap space, but the Cowboys are going to need that cap space to work out long-term deals with impending free agents Sean Lee and Dan Bailey. Now, I can’t say I blame Spencer for wanting to cash in after being franchise-tagged in back-to-back seasons, but let’s face it; the Cowboys aren’t in a position to offer Spencer that type of contract and Spencer isn’t the type of game changer that should command that type of money.

Sure we can go back to last season when he finally excelled and made his first Pro Bowl appearance and say that he deserves it, but isn’t that what got the Cowboys in this hole in the first place? Isn’t rewarding Spencer for one good year what you’ve wanted Jerry Jones not to do for years?

Spencer said he wants to finish his career in Dallas; well Mr. Spencer put your money where your mouth is and take what the team is offering you. If not, then good luck testing the free agent market as a 30-year-old defensive end who has never excelled in rushing the passer.

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