Dallas Cowboys Need to Rid Themselves of Josh Brent

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Things have gone from bad to worse for Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent. Brent is awaiting trial for killing friend and teammate Jerry Brown after a drinking and driving incident last December. Brent, who has been on out a $100,000 bond, recently tested positive for marijuana and prosecutors are asking for that bond to be revoked.

Dallas needs to get rid of Josh Brent now and not wait for the league or the legal process to take its course. It’s obvious that Brent hasn’t learned his lesson and still hasn’t learned right from wrong, and the Cowboys don’t need a player with that lack of awareness.

The Cowboys have been extremely supportive of Brent throughout this entire ordeal and failing a drug test after what happened in December is very disappointing. It’s time for the Cowboys to pull the plug on Brent and allow him to deal with the bigger things in his life because football should not be one of them. Brent needs to focus on getting help since he hasn’t demonstrated the ability to stay out of trouble off the field.

It’s also hard to forget that Stacey Jackson, Brown’s mother, forgave Brent after her son’s life was taken in the accident where he allegedly drove drunk. It is almost as if Brent has taken her gift of forgiveness and thrown it in the garbage. Think about how much support Brent has received in the past seven months from Brown’s mother and the Cowboys organization, yet it still hasn’t been enough to keep Brent out of trouble.

Josh Brent has run out of chances and the Dallas Cowboys should release the defensive lineman right now.

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