A Projection of NFL’s Top 6 Yardage Passers of 2013.

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Top 6 Passers of 2013 NFL Season

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It is no secret that the NFL has been slowly progressing in the trend of offensive-driven competitions. A few years ago, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford all managed to exceed 5,000 yards passing — something that was only done twice before in the entire history of the NFL.

In addition, Aaron Rodgers would have trumped the same landmark had he not been sidelined during a Week 17 offensive shootout vs. the Green Bay Packers NFC North Division rival, Detroit Lions — a matchup that, in the end, provided Matt Flynn with a charitable amount of financial leeway.

Also, Eli Manning was less than 100 yards from that mark in 2011, which was a regular season that concluded with a Super Bowl title for the New York Giants.

With all of the aforementioned established, a question should be asked; who will be the NFL’s leading yardage passers in 2013?

While it may seem simple to merely list the leagues elite signal-callers--Peyton Manning, Brady, Brees and Rodgers — it is never that simple. Matthew Stafford, who is still young, is seldom discussed in the conversation of the NFL’s top tier quarterbacks.

A lot will be taken into consideration when naming the players on this list, such as: the quality of their receivers, how pass-heavy their offensive system is, and the quality of their defense — an often overlooked factor that could decide how often the quarterback gets his hands on the ball per game.

However, the latter isn’t always a large factor — Brady eclipsed 5,000 yards in 2011 on the back of an abysmal New England Patriots defense.

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Aaron Rodgers

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Rodgers is always a top passer in the NFL. The loss of Greg Jennings could impair him, but the rise of Randall Cobb should be enough to compensate for the formerly stated veteran wideout’s departure.

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Matthew Stafford

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After a down year that was riddled with Titus Young's shenanigans and injuries, Stafford looks primed to bounce back. He is entrenched in a pass-heavy offensive system that features the NFL’s best wide receiver.

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Matt Schaub

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The Houston Texans are known to hand the ball off to Arian Foster as their primary means of offensive yard gaining. But, the addition of Deandre Hopkins, who may be their long- sought No. 2 wide receiver, and the continued excellence of Andre Johnson could place Matt Schaub — a player who has been underrated throughout his entire career — among the league’s top passers in 2013.

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Tom Brady

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Brady will be the league’s most prolific passer as long as he is in the NFL. The addition of Danny Amendola could mean that he has another Pro Bowl wide receiver in the making — a benefit that every pass catcher gets when playing with him.

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Drew Brees

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Sean Payton is back, and that means arguably the best coach-quarterback duo in the NFL is reunited with respect to Bill Belichick and Brady. Expect Brees to be slinging come September.

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Peyton Manning

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The Broncos are positively stacked with offensive firepower all the way across the board. Expect the NFL’s best passing scientist to continue his illustrious career during his second season in America’s mountainous region.