Baltimore Ravens Reunite During White House, Ring Ceremonies

By Wola Odeniran


Evan Habeeb- USA Today Sports


The last three days for the Baltimore Ravens have been a memorable one. The rare opportunity to meet president Barack Obama is a respectful feat and anytime you meet any president of the United States for that matter. The joy, and the memories all flash back to the players that were involved, in what is the only time during the offseason, where it feels like the entire organization can reflect on what they accomplished.

Ray Lewis and Ed Reed returned to both ceremonies with a glow of achievement over what they have been looking for over the years since they became teammates in 2002. “There’s no better way to go out,” Lewis said via “I can hold this the rest of my life and know I went out as champ…It took me 12 years to get back and get another ring…I want (my teammates) to cherish what this moment feels like right now, while we’re world champs.”

It has certainly been a hard road for the Ravens over the years. Whether if it was coming up short in conference championship games or in the divisional rounds. Each year that went by, the Ravens always had to answer questions about why they came up short. But they don’t have to answer those questions anymore. Their actions this past season will speak louder than any word they could say at this point.

With the roster changing as we speak, new doors will open for the franchise. A new quest and motivation will be the tale of their 2013 season.

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