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Can Peyton Manning Get Back Into ‘Best Ever’ Discussion With Another Ring?

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After another disappointing playoff defeat for Peyton Manning last season, his legacy now seems to be that of a guy who just isn’t great in the postseason. Far too often you hear Manning referred to as the ‘greatest regular season quarterback’ of all-time. People used to wonder if he was the greatest QB ever, not too long ago.

I think there’s still lots of time left before we can say for sure, but right now I have Manning in the top-five greatest QBs in NFL history. I hate when you hear, ‘ he only has one ring.’ Do you know how hard championships are to come by in the NFL? You can’t knock a guy for only winning one championship in a team sport.

But at the same time, it’s hard to call Manning the best, when there’s a guy who’s played in the same era, that has four rings. I don’t really see how you can put Manning ahead of Tom Brady at this point. But, both of these guys figure to play a few more years, and who’s to say Manning couldn’t win another Super Bowl or two?

The Denver Broncos are certainly in great position to win a ring this season, and if they can get the job done – what will it do for Manning’s legacy? Would winning a ring with two different teams be enough to suede some people back to calling him the greatest to ever play? It’s a tough call, but I think most people would still go with Brady.

To earn the moniker of ‘greatest QB of all-time,’ Manning will likely need two more Lombardi trophies. Winning a championship with two different teams would be amazing, but it’s just not enough to put Manning over the top in the greatest of all-time debate.

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