Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Profile: Tony Romo

By ronnycarlton
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you already know the book on Tony Romo; a talented quarterback who can’t get it done when it matters most. Instead of rehashing the same arguments about Romo, I’ve decided to take and in-depth look at his on the field play, by analyzing his strengths, weaknesses and outlook for 2013.

Strengths: He has an NFL-caliber arm, can make all the throws. He’s extremely accurate, great at fitting the ball into tight windows. He’s masterful at reading defenses and adjusting his offense accordingly. Romo puts a nice touch on his deep throws. He also excels at manipulating safeties, using pump and shoulder fakes to lure them out of position. Romo is one of the best in the league at throwing on the run. At times, he seems to throw better outside of the pocket than he does inside it. He can throw equally well running to his left or right. He’s got a knack for improvisation and can take a play that would normally result in a loss and turn it into a big play.

Weaknesses: Romo is so frustrating because he is so inconsistent, especially in big games/moments. Each of his strengths and weaknesses can flip-flop from game to game (and play to play). Romo can be herky-jerky in the pocket at times, overacting to pressure. He’s turnover-prone because he often doesn’t secure the ball when he’s trying to make a big play. His decision-making can be downright atrocious at times and he has a tendency to force throws when he feels the game slipping away. His ability to manage games is also a weakness. There are times when a safe throw would work just as much as a challenging one, but Romo usually chooses the more difficult of the two, regardless of time or score.

Outlook: I think we’ll see more of the same from Romo, there will be ups and downs, but he will stay largely the same inconsistent quarterback that we’ve grown to love (and hate). Old habits die hard.


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