Detroit Lions Rumors: Matthew Stafford Contract Talks Have Halted

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions are heading into the 2013 season with many uncertainties, but one player they know they can count on is quarterback Matthew Stafford. They’re a team that has a few things it needs to fix to get back in the playoff race, but Stafford is not one of those things. He’s done more than his fair share of the work over the past few years in Detroit, so clearly the Lions are going to do everything they can to keep him behind center in the Motor City.

Usually, contract extension talks don’t heat up until the year before the deal expires, but in the case of Stafford, he’s already been in discussion with Detroit about an extension. However, it appears that the talks may have halted.

Team president Tom Lewand recently made this comment, which is leading many to believe that a deal won’t be reached this year:

“We’ve still got some discussion to have, but at some point in time we’ll either get a deal done or we’ll focus on football. It’s a different dynamic when you have two years left on a contract versus one. Most of them get done with a year left.”

Lions’ fans shouldn’t be alarmed by any of this chatter, because it’s really a wonder the two sides are even talking at this point. That in itself, should speak volumes about the relationship Stafford has with the franchise.

I think it’s best for the team to wait and see how the QB performs with an upgraded offense this year, before they rush into any extension talks. Stafford is clearly a talented player, but facts are facts, in his four-year career, he’s only posted a 17-28 record. For that fact alone, it’s not the worst move for the team to wait until next year to talk about a new deal.


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