Jacksonville Jaguars to London Talk Needs to Stop

By Andrew Fisher
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure there have been plenty of football fans shaking their fists at Roger Goodell this week. With talk of the Jacksonville Jaguars potentially playing two games a year in London, rumors started to fly about the team moving over the pond, permanently. The team has already released a statement confirming that they only want to play the one agreed upon game in London over the next four years. Shouldn’t the commish take that as a sign?

Jaguars’ fans have to be so tired of the relocation rumors. As if the Los Angeles rumors weren’t bad enough, now they have to listen to talk about becoming the first foreign NFL team?

One game overseas is plenty. Expanding the annual game just doesn’t make sense for the team. It likely only makes more dollars and cents for the league. People can say what they want about Jacksonville deserving an NFL franchise, but I think the whole thing is unfair.

The Jaguars’ attendance numbers really aren’t that bad. In 2012 they ranked 20th in average attendance with 64,984, and 17th in attendance to capacity percentage. There aren’t even 64,984 people in London who have heard of the Jaguars, and the NFL possibly wants to put a team there? Give me a break.

The NFL is an American product that should stay in the good ole US of A. Furthermore, Jacksonville is in the South, a place where people love and appreciate the game of football. Moving the team to a place where the people just wouldn’t care, would be despicable.


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