Miami Dolphins Center Mike Pouncey Will Make 2013 Pro Bowl Squad

By Craig Ballard
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The offensive line for the 2013 Miami Dolphins is currently a question mark as many worry about Jonathan Martin at left tackle (I don’t, that article is coming!) and the entire right side could be in flux this season. However, Richie Incognito is coming off his first Pro Bowl season at left guard and this year I am expecting a Pro Bowl campaign from center Mike Pouncey.

The last three seasons, Mike’s twin brother Maurkice Pouncey (Pittsburgh Steelers) has been honored as the AFC Pro Bowl center, and there was a time when Maurkice was surely the better player. However, the gap between the two is non-existent at this point. In fact I will go so far as to say that Mike is going to inch ahead of Maurkice this season and going forward. I don’t think Maurkice is taking steps backwards, but Mike is improving annually and he is already working really well with the franchise aka second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Last season, Pouncey and Tanny worked in tandem to identify blitzes and adjust the pass protection accordingly. Considering Tanny was a rookie, Pouncey just a second-year player at that point, plus a brand new offense to work with it was impressive to see these two get on the same page so quickly. The 6-foot-5, 305-pounder is just 23 years young, but he is becoming a leader on this team and a leader on this offensive line through his hard work and increasing skill level.

I am sure that Incognito would acknowledge that Pouncey’s great 2012 helped him a lot and earned Pouncey an assist for getting Incognito to his first ever Pro Bowl. I did an interview recently with ex-‘Phins left guard Keith Sims and the big fella said that Pouncey should have been a 2012 Pro Bowl player instead of Incognito.

Pouncey has shown that he is consistent in his play, plus he is a stud who has started all 32 of his NFL games.

So far, the Pro Bowl voters have yet to recognize and acknowledge Pouncey as one of the top centers in the NFL, but I think his 2013 will leave no choice. Pouncey has become awesome. If he continues to develop his consistency, then Dolfans will have a top-tier lineman to cheer for over the next several seasons.

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