New York Giants Training Camp Profile: Ryan Nassib

By Nick Mamary
Jim O’Connor-USA Today Sports

Gaining entry into the NFL is a tough task. Even those who enjoy success in college football sometimes see their draft stock fall. This year definitely saw that happen to one talented player.

New York Giants quarterback Ryan Nassib recorded impressive stats during his four year career at Syracuse. Recording 70 touchdowns and 28 interceptions demonstrate success in playing efficiently. Most throws are encouraging when it comes to arm strength. Nassib also has solid accuracy. Given all of his positive traits, one must wonder why he slipped to the fourth round.  Analysis during the 2013 NFL Draft criticized a release that sometimes resulted in passes that were out of reach.  I struggled prior to see why he had to wait so long, but it was a bit telling that his former head coach Doug Marrone chose EJ Manuel instead. Of course, he likely will not see meaningful regular season action for some time.

Eli Manning has led New York to two Super Bowl victories. His clutch performance in the biggest moments makes Manning invaluable. Yes, there can be turnovers at times, but this is their leader. Physical gifts may not be as profound as older brother Peyton Manning, however, Eli has every trait one looks for in a quarterback. Eight consecutive seasons of at least 24 touchdowns shows a level of excellence. People laughed when Manning said he was elite prior to 2012, but they shouldn’t be anymore. Although Nassib may not play much now there likely will be a major responsibility for him someday.

Several cases, like the Green Bay Packers gradually transitioning from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, bring precedent of franchises moving on from great signal callers. Other examples have taken place before as well. At age 32, a succession plan could realistically take place in three to four seasons. Right now there will likely be a battle between David Carr and Nassib for New York’s role of primary backup quarterback. Curtis Painter can easily be overtaken, as he struggled mightily in 2011 with the Indianapolis Colts and does not figure to be a good emergency starter.  Rookie minicamp was a place where head coach Tom Coughlin described his new signal caller as “poised.”  Such a positive outlook has continued throughout this offseason. There should either be a plan to start Nassib down the road or use him as future trade bait.


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