Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly Seems to be More Than Just Science

By Joseph Hickman



Philadelphia Eagles Chip Kelly
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Chip Kelly loves to say, “there’s a science behind why we do that”. The definition of science is a ”systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.”

Yeah, let me try that again, so I can understand that. Let me put in the way that the Science Channel does, “Question everything”. That is exactly what Chip Kelly does. He loves to question everything. Why can’t I play music during practice? Why can’t I get my players in the best shape they can be in? Setting up a nutrition plan with shakes and smoothies? By the way, did you ever have a smoothie? Blueberry smoothies are magical.

Science is making its way into professional sports. You see it in the NBA, MLB, NHL and the NFL. I am not crazy about it, but there is a place for science in sports.

The thing that I noticed is that you shouldn’t take Chip as a closed-minded science guy or “sabr” guy, whatever you prefer. He doesn’t kneel at the alter of analytics. He seems to be open to anything. He seems to want good coaches from top to bottom in his program and use their ideas as well. He seems to not want all the glory himself.

It’s funny; I have been reading up on Bill Walsh a lot lately. You could easily compare Chip’s entrance into the NFL to Walsh’s. Walsh nicknamed “The Genius”, devised a system of short, quick passes to pick up small chunks of yardage, aka the “West Coast” offense, as an assistant with the Cincinnati Bengals. On the flip side, Chip is bringing his science, fast-paced, read-option to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, the only thing that Chip is missing is Walsh’s three Super Bowl rings and an election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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