Philadelphia Eagles New CB Cary Williams Already Making a Terrible Impression on Bird Nation

By Joe Doris
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like CB Cary Williams has made it his mission to tick off one of the most intimidating and notorious fan-bases in the entire NFL. Philadelphians.

The worst part is that Williams is now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles after signing a three-year, $17 million deal with the club this off-season. Williams already started out on the wrong foot with Birds’ fans last season after he exchanged fisticuffs with Eagles WR DeSean Jackson in-game as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Now, Williams is truly making all the wrong moves as he has missed a bevy of organized team activities (OTAs) for a strange variety of reasons.

While one excuse, Williams’ own wedding, was certainly warranted, the rest of his reasons for absence can be seen as ill-advised and down-right silly. From his daughter’s dance recital, to a dental appointment, to overseeing construction on his home, Williams has taken full advantage of the optional nature of OTAs.

But as all professional athletes should know, optional almost always means mandatory in the eyes of teammates, coaches and fans alike.

“Teams, organizations, the NFL itself hold players captive over the OTAs,” stated Williams in an attempt to shift the blame onto his superiors. “I really don’t care. I told them what the situation was and we had a communication and that’s what it was.”

Williams also went on to say “I don’t have nothing to say to the fans,” and “I don’t have to explain myself to anybody.” Beautiful, Cary. Just a brilliant approach to connecting with your new city and fan-base.

Even though the formerly irrelevant Williams has discovered some new-found success in recent years, he is nowhere near talented enough to try and defend his off-field actions with on-field triumphs.


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