Roddy White Again States the Obvious About Atlanta Falcons

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Didn’t Roddy White already come out and say that it’s Super Bowl or bust for the Atlanta Falcons this year? I’m pretty sure I remember him making comments not too long ago about the expectations in Atlanta, but in case you didn’t catch it before, White has reiterated how high the bar is for the Falcons.

“There’s nothing left but to make it to the Super Bowl. We gotta make it or else changes have to be made. Because this team has maxed out. There’s no more, get to the NFC Championship and lose, get to the NFC Championship and lose and again and again. We can’t do that, we got to make it to the big game and find a way to win, ” said White.

The wide receiver is once again spot on the money with his assessment, because it is absolutely Super Bowl or bust for the Falcons. This particular team has had its core in place for several runs, and they’ve yet to make it to the big game. The NFC Championship became the new high point for the team in 2012, but now that’s just not going to cut it.

To make another run at the Lombardi trophy in 2013, it’s essential that the Falcons win their division, and preferably, claim home-field again. I thought that took a lot of pressure off the team in last year’s playoffs, and obviously the Georgia Dome provides a tremendous home crowd advantage.

There are only so many failed runs a team can make before things start to implode. 2013 is in no way a ‘now or never’ season for the Falcons, but it really feels like this is a prime year for Atlanta to finally climb the mountain top.


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